Ulster Canal

The Ulster Canal is one of the final major Canal networks still to be completed. The Ulster Waterways Group, the Lough Neagh Partnership, the Blackwater Partnership and the Ulster Canal Steering Group have been lobbying both the North and South Governments to complete this final piece of the inland waterway jigsaw and fully restore the canal. A number of important major economic appraisals and studies have been carried out to date and these can be viewed in the download section of this website.

Whilst the first part of the Ulster Canal from Upper Lough Erne to Clones is to be fully welcomed, the full restoration of the canal is still the primary objective of many people. It will bring major increased economic, social, recreational and cross border benefits to the region as a whole and it is seen as the last main part of the Irish canal network be completed.

Appreciation to Waterways Ireland for the use of material.